Structuring Your Company Properly To Go Public

So you’ve created a widget that’s going to change your industry… or you have an idea that could make millions, no you need the money. That’s only 1% of the Equation The truth is, creating a ground shattering concept with multiple avenues of capitalization potential is only 1% of the equation. Before you start trying to raise capital you have to look at your company as a whole. Are your corporate executives in place and...

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Who Said Article Marketing Is Dead? It Is Not! Article Marketing Really Works!

Who Said Article Marketing is Dead? It is Not! Article Marketing Really Works!People still use article marketing to promote their websites. Many people “think” that simply setting up an account on a social media site, and getting people to “like” you… is all it takes. How ridiculous!Some SEO experts, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, will try to tell you that you can find someone who will set up 5,000...

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