Who Said Article Marketing is Dead?

It is Not! Article Marketing Really Works!People still use article marketing to promote their websites.

ArticleNewsMany people “think” that simply setting up an account on a social media site, and getting people to “like” you… is all it takes. How ridiculous!Some SEO experts, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, will try to tell you that you can find someone who will set up 5,000 “links” to your website, for very little money… and that is also ridiculous!The very BEST way to attract attention to YOUR website is still by writing and posting article marketing pieces, just like this one, on a website, just like PopularArticles.com, where this piece first appeared!If you will simply click on my name, highlighted in blue, up above, assuming that youre reading this on PopularArticles.com, you will see hundreds of articles that Ive personally written and posted here!When people find these articles, they read them, then they just might click on one of the links and visit one of the websites I promote! If YOU cannot write your own articles, not to worry, because YOU can hire someone like ME to write the articles for you! Then YOU post them wherever you want, with YOUR name as the author!

Article Marketing really does work!

Thats why SO MANY article directory websites, like PopularArticles.com exist, where people can post articles to promote their website!  These directory sites are very trusted sites with high page authority in the eyes of the SERPs and Google.  They get a ton of traffic so they not only boost up your website trust flow, but they can also gather you a bunch of new traffic.

All the big companies put out press releases whenever something new happens in their business.  Whether they launch a new product, acquire a smaller company, merge with another company, or hire someone new in their corporate office.  There is no reason why smaller businesses can’t capitalize off of these as well.

Hire a Writer-For-Hire to Write Articles for You

hireawriterWhen YOU Hire a Writer-For-Hire to Write Articles for You, they will email the articles to you, then YOU post them wherever you want and with your name as the author… how cool is that? These articles (the more, the better) will help YOU attract attention to your own website.You cant just post one or two articles, then stop, you have to post several each week, and keep it going for many months or even many years, if you are serious about your success!

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