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Automotive marketing is undergoing huge changes. In this article we explain what the main keys to change are and how they can affect your automotive business if you don’t adapt to the new challenges.

Car sales have evolved drastically in recent years, largely due to the existence of the Internet and the tools it offers.

A car is the second most important purchase for the family in our society, after the acquisition of a house in which to live. For this reason, it is important to know the main tools that currently exist, so that your company is distinguished from the rest of the sector.

To get to this point, we ask ourselves two initial questions.

What did people do to buy a car 30 years ago?

Well, in the old days, one would go to several dealers and go to different commercials, so that they would specify the details of the best cars they had, comparing prices and characteristics of the different cars that were available.

In each dealership, the clients took leaflets underlined by the commercials indicating the price of the vehicle and its most striking characteristics, without forgetting the method of financing.

At times, they even debated with family and friends to find out which was the best make and model of car.

This type of sales is related to direct marketing, in which a single-channel relationship is forged by trying to inform customers about which model was perfect for them, persuading them that the vehicle they chose would fit their needs perfectly. There could even be a phone call to finalize the last details with the salesman.

But on the other hand, what do people do to buy a car now?

Today, many people keep asking family, friends and even acquaintances in the automotive industry about the best car they can buy. Sometimes, the customer can even consult certain characteristics of the vehicle he wants to buy from the salesperson at the dealership.

But there is something that does change, and it is undeniable that maximum attention must be paid to it.

This change is the ability of consumers to find out about the product they want, quickly and easily, through the Internet.

When you want to buy a mobile phone, you can go to the store and see which model you like the most, asking the salesman if he thinks it fits your needs. But why should we waste time going to the store, when we have all the information we need from the mobile on the internet, and can even take it home?

Currently, all of us as consumers are superinformed about the different options among which we can choose when purchasing any product, looking for a simple method to find what we want without moving from our own home, as quickly as possible.

Even so, there are many people who believe that the sale of cars, can not evolve to be completely online and this is not entirely correct.

I would like to give you some data from studies carried out by companies dedicated to market research, so that you can see that I am not lying to you.

Between 90% and 95% of people consult the Internet about the characteristics and prices of the vehicles they are most interested in before going to a dealership, and according to IAB Spain (2017), 88% of Internet searches carried out in the automotive sector are related to a brand, consulting an average of 24 different sources of information.

Half of the customers, no longer need to see the vehicle directly, to make the decision to buy, simply connect to the Internet, search for hours and hours, which are the options that best suit them in different sales portals and finally choose one to buy.

After this point, there are two types of customers. Those who go to the dealership to finalize the purchase in person, to observe the car and sign the purchase papers, and those who simply and comfortably, finish the purchase through the website itself or a call to the dealer.

It is true that the two options continue to happen at the time of finalizing the purchase, but as I have shown you, the final decision is practically closed at the customer’s home.

For this same reason, it is so important that your website is attractive and visual, so that if the customer chooses the last option to buy a vehicle, you can see that the quality of your products is as good as your brand image on the Internet.

we are specialized in a personalized and professional advice, focusing our efforts in the areas of your company that need a push, to offer a creative touch based on the objectives you request and our own experience in the sector.

We have the most innovative and cutting-edge resources on the market, so that your company has greater web visibility and can offer clients a complete, personalised experience when it comes to purchasing the car that suits them best.

What resources does your company need to achieve greater success?

When you are in charge of running a company or one of its departments, often we do not have time to work on certain key points, which can give your company greater visibility and thus achieve that sales increase considerably.

So the best idea is to leave this job to trusted professionals who know the sector.

Today, customers who explore the Internet in search of their ideal car, look for well-structured pages and have that sense of security when browsing all the tabs, knowing that the quality of this is the same as that of the products they offer.

By helping your website to have the most up-to-date data and the creative and attractive touch that consumers are looking for, you will be able to differentiate yourself from other companies in the automotive sector, favouring the call to action and translating customer traffic into possible sales.

I realized that one of the least valued points by companies at the time of making their websites, are the texts, and this is because we are accustomed to consumers being guided by eye-catching websites that encourage purchase for its great usability.

However, the written word has an indisputable force to define the personality and values that a brand offers to the public who watches it.

For this very reason, it is vitally important to know how to use the word to convey what your company wants correctly. And if you have any questions on this subject, do not hesitate to contact this great professional to help you write texts that your customers love.

Another point we must never forget is that the presence of a company in the digital field is directly related to its web positioning.

Therefore, there are different types of tools, such as Google My Business or Google AdWords, which in the hands of great professionals who know how to apply it in the digital world, making your website in the top positions of the search engine, which facilitates the possibility of offering potential customers the best products and services for each of them.

Many people believe that SMS marketing is an obsolete technique in the marketing sector, and even more so if we focus on the automotive sector, due to its impersonal nature, but I can assure you that this is not the case at all.

This resource is an essential part of the automotive sector, due to the high capacity it has to generate brand awareness and provoke the CTA (Call To Action) of potential customers. Knowing your main needs and preferences, you can generate an effective campaign, complementing impersonal techniques, which generate a feeling of greater proximity to the customer.

Multimedia resources that revolutionize the automotive industry

Photography and display videos are current multimedia techniques that all companies use in their digital campaigns to give them a visual and creative touch.

But you can’t differentiate yourself from the competition if you do what others do, right?

What you need is to go one step further, offering on your website a high range of multimedia resources so that your customers can experience a sensation comparable to that of physical contact with the car, from their own home without having to move from their own sofa.

He thinks that a simple photograph of a car offers consumers the possibility to see what the product looks like and see if they like or don’t like the model they see. But if you give the image the best lighting, add a more attractive background and blur it a bit so that the car looks more relevant, you will get that photograph to have that distinctive point you wanted and even achieve a higher conversion rate.

As I have already mentioned, videos are a basic resource to promote the products that your company offers for sale, but many times, you don’t have the time, nor the tools and professionals to carry out a quality work that the consumer can value positively.

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